Self Myofascial Release: First Line of Attack if Something Hurts

  • This post covers multiple aspects of the body, from the neck and shoulders to the lower leg and foot
  • Nothing is ever 100% effective, but this has a pretty high success rate as long as it is done carefully and according to the instructions given in the video. I find it helpful to have a way to test whether it helps or not. For instance, if I examine someone and they have pain when they reach for their toes in standing. I will try the myofascial release technique for their lower back/glute and then I will have them reach to the floor again. I will ask: Does that feel better, worse, or the same? If the answer is the same or worse, then that did not accomplish anything and is not worth the time or energy. As you try these techniques, be able to recheck the painful motion afterwards and see if it feels any better.

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