Dr. Peter Thomas DC, ATC, DNSET, HKC

Pete is a dual licensed chiropractor and certified athletic trainer. He completed the certified athletic training program at Pitt for his undergraduate degree. While fulfilling his rotation with Pitt athletics he also spent time in the neuromuscular research laboratory as an undergraduate assistant. Chiropractic training was completed at Logan in St. Louis, where he remained active as an athletic trainer during his graduate education.
Post graduate education has spanned McKenzie A-E courses along with various manual therapy, rehabilitation and kinetic chain oriented interventions. He has taken FMS and SFMA along with DNS A and B. He is planning on taking his McKenzie certification exam next year along with additional ventures into Carrick Neurology and Maitland.  He finished the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Certification to augment his clinical DNS courses.

Curriculum Vitae: Professional Experience and Continuing Education