Elbow pain can be tricky sometimes, when symptoms don’t seem to match up, we can start thinking/looking for structural variations which might not be there in every patient. Like this article identifying a meniscus in the elbow causing snapping pain. For the outlier elbow pain patients with a snapping or […]

Random Anatomy Facts Time

Based off of the concept of the 5 Tibetan Rites, we all should have a few movements that we do on a daily basis to move areas of our body that typically tighten up. Below are 5 of the more popular movements I have found to be helpful with a […]

Injury Prevention Warm Up or Daily Routine: 5 Moves/5 Minutes

  Nice talk with Dr Ben Kibler of Scapular Retraction Test and Scapular Assistance Test fame, have followed and loved his work since chiro school, his work with Sciascia has become part of my standard examination procedure   Points Discussion of early influence of training with clinicians from polio era, […]

Podcast Review – Shoulder/Elbow with Ben Kibler

Complete the following sequence as a circuit, always stopping just short of reproduction of pain Repeat 2 sets 2x/day Movement #1: Tall Kneel with Scapular Depression/Retraction VIDEO Progress from holding a towel between your hands to hands clasped behind your back 10-20 reps Movement #2: Puppy Pose Progression VIDEO OR Downward Dog Progression […]

3 Basic Movements To Decrease Shoulder Pain/Impingement