AT: Left Posterior Hip Pain

  • Program First month (Beginning 11-7 through 12-5)
    • Important Information LINK
    • Phase 1:
      • Goals: Identify mobility deficits that are severely restricted, different on the painful side, movements that reduce your symptoms
        • Activate muscle groups that have been not been engaging properly: Can you feel the the muscles engage in the same way that they do on the non-painful side? How does it feel different on the involved side?
        • Become aware of maintaining spnal stability and not compensating in the back as you attempt to isolate glute activation and hip mobility
      • Daily Movements: Meant to begin with proper abdominal stabilization and lightly move into restricted directions without increase in symptoms. This initial phase is more of an assessment to find your specific limitations as well as how you respond to certain positions. You need to be able to delineate between what is good and not good for you. As you are doing any of these movements keep the following in mind