Basics For Anterior Knee Pain

To find this sequence online and see videos of the movements:

  • Go to
  • Find the top menu or click on the 3 small bars to see the menu on your phone and find: Physician Exercises
  • In that section you will find: Basics For Anterior Knee Pain


  • This section provides some information in regards to causes of pain in the front of the knee and daily activities that contribute to it. It will also include to some light exercises to try in and effort to reduce pressure on the front of the knee
  • All movements should be pain free
  • If any pain is experienced try to stop short of pain or hold off on the movement all together
  • This video discusses:
    • How to go up stairs and squat to decrease pressure on the front of the knee
    • An easy and safe lying down exercise that helps to decrease tightness in the thigh
    • A seated movement that can be done very easy throughout the day to reduce the build up of pressure/tightness in the knee
    • The individual movements discussed in the video above are shown below
    • Movement #1: Bridge (Try for 8-20 reps 2x/day)
    • Movement #2: Seated Slide (Try 8-20 reps 3-5x/day)
  • Another Option that has been a favorite of my patients is using an exercise ball below….Very effective at reducing pain and improving knee motion and is very safe!!!
    • Movement #3: Exercise Ball hamstring Curl
    • Try 8-20 reps 2x/day