DS: Low Back Pain with disc herniation and neural tension into the R leg

  • Strength and Mobility Circuit to be completed everyother day with the bold movements completed everyday
  • Handheel Rock: Rocking on hands and knees going from hips back to heels and rocking forward dropping hips to the floor an keeping elbows straight
  • L-48G 1/2 Kneel Sliding Lunge VIDEO
  • L-10 Seated Sciatic Nerve Floss VIDEO
  • Start on one knee and slowly stand up from the kneeling position, slowly lower back down only touching back foot when you have to to assist in lowering you back to kneeling
  • Mountain climber, push up position with one foot on towel, press into the toe that is on the towel as you pull that knee to your chest, repeat 10 -20x each side