DV: R Low Back Pain in Judo/Jujitsu/MMA Instructor Program Update (2-11-19)

Try the sequence below as it seems to address your greatest areas of weakness

  • Rocking hands and knees with deep breath with each rock back, hands elevated on mats
    • 5x
  • Low lunge: Can have hands on the floor: hold each 5 sec
    • repeat 5-10x each leg
  • Sideplank on elbow and knees stacked on top of each other
    • When you are on the Right elbow, let hips drop to floor and then come back up
    • When you are on the left elbow, just hold, do not drop hips
    • do each side for time 30-60sec
  • Squat holding rope or pull up bar hanging ropes
    • 1-2minutes
  • Bear with option to progress to mountain climber
    • Option 1 is the bear holds with the leg lifts that we have been doing
      • 30-90sec alternating 5 sec holds with each foot in the air
    • Option 2: mountain climber with something that slides
      • DO NOT do it fast…slow first and keep back very still
      • 30-90sec
      • paper plates work well on carpet