JR: Bilateral Shoulder Pain: Background Information (8-24-20)

  • 1. Right Shoulder Pain (started approximately 3 months ago- is about 90% beter):
    – Pain started while doing an eccentric chest fly (slow and controlled with 15 lb dumbbell)
    – Pain is all anterior and felt deep (region of coracoid/biceps/ maybe anterior labrum)
    – When it began, the worst pain was felt with horizontal adduction/internal rotation (exact thing that bothers it the worst is reaching across the body to the opposite pocket- this causes most amount of discomfort)
    – I feel a very slight pain at end range horizontal adduction and very end range flexion (when done actively)
    – Also pain is felt when compressing shoulder into horizontal adduction (like laying on that side)
    -Overall this shoulder feels much improved, but I get flare ups occasionally
    2. Left Shoulder Pain (started 2-3 weeks ago)
    – I believe this simply started from compensation (as I used this shoulder to start supporting myself turning over in bed).
    – Pain is located posterolateral shoulder/ upper arm
    – More of a sharp pain with an underlying ache
    -End range flexion bothers it
    – Hurts in both horizontal adduction, but far worse in horizontal abduction (when arm straight, but shoulder at 90 degrees)
    – Hurts in a painful arc, particularly above 90 degrees in abduction (T position)- worse when elbow is straight / hand supinated (and palm is up)/ easier to do when elbow straight/ thumb pointing down
    – Able to get much further and much less pain (still pain at end range in flexion or scaption (Y position)
    -When in pitcher position (abducted at 90 and elbow flexed)- I have limited ability to externally rotate with pain posterolaterally but when lying supine at 90 deg abduction and elbow flexed, arm fully externally rotates so that the posterior part of the arm touches the ground
    – This shoulder is constantly aggravated