LS: Anterior Hip/Groin Pain with Running/Sport Related Activities Week 4

Week 4: March 13- March 19

  • Expand on previous week to include a few things
    • Progressions from some of the current movements you found challenging/helpful
    • Progress towards a lunge and single leg stance
      • Really important as we progress more towards single leg activities that you stop as soon as tension begins to turn into pain
    • Ice may be necessary after sessions to diminish the risk of pain/soreness the following day
    • You will alternate a light day with a more challenging day
    • This will bring us to the end of our 4 weeks. I would like to hear from you again next weekend and we can discuss how things went and where we go from here. Feel free to email me through the week with any questions.
  • All standing activities should be pain free
  • Emphasis on slow controlled movement with progression of balance exercises and ability to coordinate various muscle groups to work together
  • Continue with the goal of 30sec to 2 minutes or 5-20reps
  • I would like to know which movements are easy versus challenging so I can make adjustments based on your progress
  • If any movements cause pain or you have any increase in pain, don’t do that movement and I will give you a substitute. Ice following sessions to reduce pain or soreness 10-15min
  • Day 1