MG: Post TKA Home Program (9-11-20)

Below you will find some daily movements that are good to do to keep things loose and moving along with easy ways to to activate muscle. Both of these things are very important. Try to mix in some movements thorughout the day that move that knee through some motion especially after it has been in one position for a long time (sitting). Lightly wake up some muscle activation also gently throughout the day. The second part of this will have some strength circuits with 2 movements paired together. You will alternate the 2 movements and go back and forth between them 2x. The goal can either be for reps, minimum of 8 max of 20 or for time, minimum of 30sec maximum of 90sec. You are trying to work up to muscle fatigue, but if you strat to get an increase in pain that also stops you

  • Daily Movements: Good for warm up/cool down pre/post exercise or to do daily to keep things moving
    • Seated slide or ball hamstring curl: Seated slide throughout the day, ball more or part of warm up cool down
    • Step knee bend and working into the activation of the hamstring into a stretch. Below you will see both options
    • Standing quad stretch
    • Prone Hamstring Activation
  • Strength Circuits
    • #1
      • Plank knee to chest and then hip ext
      • Feet Elevated Bridge
    • #2
      • Wall Leg raise
      • Adductor activation with band step or slider
        • OR
    • #3
      • Squat Band Around Knees
      • Bridge Band Around Knees