NL: Peroneal strain with peroneal tendon snapping

  • Complete the below movements lightly with emphasis on not over stretching. Goal is to remain in a pain free range where you do not feel any increase in lateral ankle soreness. Use ice for 10-15 minutes post activity to reduce the risk of subsequent soreness.
  • Phase 1: Complete 1-2x/day short of pain
  • A-16A Seated Ankle Inversion VIDEO
    • Keep it light to where you feel a small amount of tension 10-20 reps
  • A-6 Step Knee Flexion and Hip Extension VIDEO
    • Be careful you don’t go too deep into a stretch
    • Try to do it without holding on to work on balance and keep pressure on big toe without rolling to outside of ankle. may weant to do this in your shoes
  • A-40A Tibialis Posterior Seated Sweep VIDEO