SC: Left L5-S1 Radiculitis x 1 Year, 22 year old: Phase 2 Weeks 2-4 (11-5-17)

  • Phase 3
    • This phase with continue with the daily movements as before
    • It will attempt to build on phase 2 by progressing into some more challenging movements that incorporate upper and lower body
    • They will be focused on posterior chain strength and maintain abdominal control as you progress into hip extension and overhead movements
    • If any of these movements feel like they are at all painful or uncomfortable, email me and I will make substitutions as needed
    • This phase will also include the previous strength circuit and one additional circuit that can continue to be completed every other day
    • This sequence is meant to be challenging but also not painful
  • Daily Sequence: 8-15reps of each movement
  • Strength Circuit: Complete 3 days/week, 2x through, 2nd set can be 1/2 as many reps as the first set