SF: Low back Radiculopathy with Extension Based Movement Preference: Patient Waiting for in Person Evaluation Phase 1(1-29-19)

Phase 1:

  • We begin by trying to focus on light frequent movements into directions that lessen your back pain. From your physician’s notes he has established that bending forward and sitting increase your symptoms. So the initial goal is to try to break up flexion based postures with movements that go into the opposite direction that we term your movement preference. The movements below give you a few options to try. Some can be done easily throughout the day and should be done LIGHTLY AND FREQUENTLY. Others can be done as able as they may require you to get onto the floor which should be feasible atleast 2x/day
  • Movement #1: Prone extension progression: Can be done morning and night or anytime you can sneak onto the floor
    • 8-15 reps
  • Movement #2: Standing self mobilization
    • I am going to give you a couple options here and you pick the one that feels the least uncomfortable
    • Do that lightly 8-10 reps as often as you can (Possibly every 1-2 hours)
    • I would rather you move lightly in and out of the position instead of pushing too hard too fast and getting increase in pain
    • Option #1: Back against a counter
    • Option #2: Standing Shift Correction
      • With pain being more on one side sometimes moving laterally in an upright posture works better then leaning straight back into extension so try this movement
    • Option #3: Hands on hips back extension
      • I show this in kneeling but it can also be done in standing