VO: Achilles Tendonitis with pain during prolonged walking

  • Phase 1: Light movements that can be completed 1-2x per day, complete each 10-20x. You can even try to do a few of them throughout the day and it may relieve some of the pain or tightness as you are standing and walking. If any of them cause any pain stop doing them or try to stay in a range that is mildly uncomfortable but not significantly painful.
  • Phase 2: Loading the achilles tendon
    • This may hurt a little but it is important to build up the strength of then tendon for standing and walking activities. Typically even early on there is a small range that you can move through that keeps you short of pain. You may start with only 3-5 reps slowly and progress towards 10-20 reps as able. Start off doing these every other day and make sure you do the phase one movements after and ice
    • A-41 Double Leg Heel Raise VIDEO
  • Kinesiotaping for achilles VIDEO
    • this works well to unload achilles tendon