Ankle Treatment Not Helping? How Long Are You Mobilizing?

Interesting article looking at hallelujah actual dosing and effort on joint mobilization, an actual time/dose effect on manual therapy, gold freaking star to Holland et al,  Mobilizing for 120 seconds was better than 60, which was better than 30, so sometimes have to put the time in to get the results

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If you have chronic ankle problems, the amount of time spent working into the joint can make a difference.  To have a somewhat Canadian analogy, if you’re paddling a canoe, are you really digging in or just petting the water?

Typically I like to have the patient in a more weight bearing position if possible with a similar treatment duration as needed for results, repetitive motion and duration for total treatment volume can make the difference.

Creates some questions for manipulation vs mobilization also, considering the duration, while some people really do need a true manipulation, if not effective, may need the sustained mobilization to get the physiological stimulus the patient needs to get better. Quick shot vs sustained pressure.

Drives home the need for a diverse set of interventions to get results, duration of treatment is a variable which can cause the right intervention to underachieve, leaving results on the table.


Do you have 120 Seconds to Improve Outcomes for Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability?

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