Clinical Insights – Benign Lhermitte’s Sign

Today I remembered a patient from a year or two ago with  Lhermitte sign which developed several months after a neck injury and concussion.  Neck flexion began to elicit a lightening strike down the limbs and back, and causing them and me concern.  Other neuro signs were negative and medical comanagement with a physiatrist showed no cause for it.  I did a little review and found these 2 articles, oldies but goodies, on lhermitte’s sign with delayed onset after head or neck injury with full resolution over time.

Lhermitte Sign Following Head Injury

Four Case Reports of Delayed Onset Lhermitte

We should always be aware of the oddball findings tat can come about with physical and neuro exams, this happens to be one with a happier ending of self resolution after a thorough workup.

Make sure to keep your exam sharp, don’t forget your hoffman’s either.

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