How to stay tall – Managing thoracic kyphosis in osteoporotic women

Managing advancing thoracic kyphosis and collapsing posture typically requires some manual therapy, but concern for osteoporosis can make some Physicians and patients apprehensive about Chiropractors and spinal manipulation.  Well trained practitioners will have a variety of low and high force techniques to treat each body area, allowing an effective treatment with minimized risk of adverse reaction to care.  Essentially a series of smaller oscillations instead of one quick push is used, or a sustained pressure into the upper back is applied as the body is moved and stretched.  I commonly utilize a manual mobilization similar to the one used in this article, along with some similar taping techniques to help maintain treatment effect.

This article gives a good overview of model treatment plan, mixing low force mobilization and self care maneuvers to regain whatever motion is possible and maintain function as much as possible.

Full Text available Here

And a common self mobilization which I give variations of to my patients.



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