Five Rites to Counteract Sitting All Day

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Many occupations require employees to spend the majority of their day in static positions, particularly sitting. Numerous issues arise from repetitive static postures involving the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems including a variety of medical problems. The lack of variability in our daily lives contributes to a insufficient postural strength, trunk instability, and chronic pain. The above rites are meant to move and strengthen common areas of weakness and restriction that result from the seated position. They have proven to be very effective tools in the treatment of orthopedic problems and utilizing them proactively will undoubtedly decrease the risk for developing musculoskeletal imbalances


  1. Squat with shoulder extension
  2. Lay on back weighted pullover with abdominal control
  3. Back against wall sit with towel pull apart raise overhead
  4. Tall kneel lean back
  5. Sidelying Rotation with thoracic rotation and pec stretch

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