Functional Movement 10 minute Workout 1

Movement Progression 1: Back, Oblique Side Sit, Bear, Squat, Standing Balance (Video Link)

  1. Begin on back with lower abdominal activation rolling from back to side prop on elbow with reach 5x each side with 5 sec pause
  2. Raise up into side/oblique sit and use bottom knee to raise up into side bridge hold 5 sec then lower slowly. Raise back up as soon as hips contact ground 5-10x each side
  3. Transition to bear, walk hands out into plank and walk back to bear 5-10x
  4. Bear to deep squat, 5-10 slow pulses in deep squat position
  5. Standing on one foot, reach non-weight bearing foot forward, backward, out to side, in front across, rotation out and back, rotation in front and across 1-5x through sequence then switch feet
  6. Squat down to bear and then to plank and transfer slowly from downward dog to plank 10x maintaining abdominal control and scapular position
  7. Return to back and complete again 2-3x through complete sequence

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