Functional Movement 10 minute Workout 2

Movement Progression 2: Bridge, Bear, Kneeling, Lunge, Balance (Video Link)

  1. Begin on back with knees bent with heels close to hips, engage lower abdomen and drive through heels as you lift hips to ceiling squeezing glutes (Butt) and keep back flat, hold 5 sec and lower slowly repeat 10x
  2. Raise feet up into the air with lower abdominal tension and roll to side and then to bear, lift one foot and opposite hand off ground (if too difficult just lift a hand), hold 5sec, then switch to opposite hand and foot combo repeat 5-10x each side
  3. Drop knees to floor and raise up onto 2 knees, slowly sit hips back towards heels, as soon as hips touch or you have gone as far as comfortable squeeze glutes and raise back up to tall kneeling, repeat 5-10x
  4. Bring one leg in front so you are on one knee, raise back knee off ground and straightnen back leg in low lunge and hold 5sec and then lower back down, repeat 5-10x each leg, keep lower abdomen engaged
  5. Stand on one leg, rotate arms and head to one side slowly and then the other, back and fourth 5-10x then switch legs
  6. Return to back and repeat sequence 2-3x

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