Tuning up your Squat

Was reading through this article on dragondoor and was most interested in the rear rotational step squat, which is similar to our rotation lunge, a movement I like to use to pick out differences in leg drive from the posterior and lateral chain during a squat motion.

By checking the right and leg left drives, we can look to see if we really have a 50/50 distribution during the squat or if one side is doing more work.

To test our torso stability in the bottom of the squat, a lower bear position opposite/contralateral arm/leg raise, sort of a bear birddog, can be used to check our rotational stability in a quadruped squat position, takes out the balance need, but increased abdominal and scapular demand, while still challenging ankle dorsiflexion.  If there is a difference side to side, might also show up in our squat that might not expose with single arm squats or stir the pots.


2 ways to help evaluate your squat, which happen to be stand alone exercises in their own right. If too difficult there are progressions and regressions for each within the video library.

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