Phase 2 Low Back Pain Preventative Exercise (Video Included) stability progression for prevention and treatment of low back pain. Quick circuits requiring 5-10minutes that can be done at a gym or at home

Video: Phase 2 Low Back Pain Without Leg Pain

  1. Plank knee to chest and hip ext: The lower the surface the harder the exercise. Resting on your elbows in plank position and keeping tension in lower abdomen, bring one knee up to your chest hold 5sec, then slowly kick that same leg straight back behind you hold 5 sec. make sure when you kick back that you don’t let your lower back dip, 10-20reps each leg
  2. Bridge with feet elevated: lay on back with feet up on couch or ball, keep knees bent and abdominal tension. Raise hips off floor while keeping back flat. 10-20reps. can progress to single leg with opposite knee up to chest
  3. Plank to side plank transition: Begin in push up position, feet swivel with heels to ground as you hold side plank 5 sec and then switch to opposite side. 10-20 reps with a lower surface being more difficult
  4. Sit back squat: Hold onto door handle or edge of kitchen sink, Sit back into deep squat keeping weight on heels and lower leg perpendicular to floor without knees crashing forward, drive through heels and squeeze butt as you return to standing 10-20reps
  5. Bear: Hands and knees begin with light tension in stomach and lift knees slightly off floor hold 5sec and then touch back down to floor. Begin with this controlled motion 10-20reps. You can the progress to the beginning of controlled bear crawl. Make sure you keep back flat and alternate each hand and foot moving forward. Refer to video for further description


VIDEO: Phase 1 Low Back Pain Without Leg Pain

  1. Lay on your back with knees bent and finger tips on lower abdomen. Lightly press low back flat into the floor while tensing your lower abdomen. This tension should push your lower abdomen into your finger tips similar to a cough/sneeze. You should be able to hold this light tension for 5-10sec while breathing comfortably. Repeat 5-10x
  2. Step/Chair Lunge: Back foot straight, Keep abdominal tension as front knee bends into a forward lunge while raising up onto the back toe. Should feel light tension in the front of the hip of the leg that is back. 10-20reps slowly in and out each side
  3. Wall sit with overhead shoulder flexion: Lean back against wall with lower abdominal tension and back flat against wall. Keep Back flat as you raise your arms overhead holding a band or pillowcase. slowly up and down with brief pause at the top 10-20x
  4. Car Stuck in the Snow plank: Lean against wall or table, the lower the surface the harder the exercise is. Another good place is the stairs with the ability to use a lower step for more challenge or higher step to make it easier. On your hands in a push up oriented position with your body in a straight line, push one heel into the floor behind you and squeeze your butt on that leg as you raise the opposite knee up towards your chest. pause 5sec then switch feet. Repeat 10-20x each leg

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