A New Way To Work The Core: Introduction of DNS Principles

DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) is a system based out of Prague that structures the progression of trunk and core stability along developmental positions that a baby gradually learns. A baby begins on its back with an inability to even lift their head. From being stuck on their back, they progress to rolling, transitioning to sitting, and eventually standing. This new approach has been adopted in the sports performance, as well as rehabilitation and injury prevention. Below is a basic beginner sequence in 3 month position which is where a 3 month old begins to engage their trunk. The second video show some progression to transitional motions involving rolling. As simple as these movements may initially seem, mastering the fundamentals of how you engage your trunk is highly important to improve your ability to move your body in the most efficient way. We gradually apply these principles to more challenging lifts and plyometric movements.


3 Month Position

7-12 Months: Transitioning through rolling to side sit and bear positions

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