Movements to Fight the Pain that Comes with Sitting Long Periods

  • Since you are sitting…ALOT. It is important to do some movements that open up the front of your body
  • If any of the movements below hurt:
    • Try not to go as deep into the position
    • OR hold off on that particular movement and email me at and I can recommend an alternative position
  • FIRST: A sequence of movements that be done safely while driving/sitting
  • The more you move…the better
  • SECOND: A sequence that can be done morning and night with some of the movements able to mixed in throughout the day
  • Try to do each movement a minimum of 5x or a maximum of 20x
  • Movement #1: Seated chin tuck
    • This can be done while sitting against the head rest of a seat or using your hands as shown in the video
    • I recommend doing this gently and frequently throughout the day
    • It can be very effective in reducing headaches and neck pain
  • Movement #2: Get the arms overhead
    • Modification of Downward Dog in Yoga that is safe and easy to do anywhere
  • Movement #3: Active Shoulder Extension
    • Can be done holding a towel or pillowcase behind your back
  • Movement #4: Open the front of the Hip Elevated Lunge
    • Can be done at a stair or with foot propped up on any elevated surface
    • Front foot can be propped up or flat
  • Movement #5: Wall Plank
    • Can be done at wall/counter
    • Easy way to activate your trunk and glute
      • Alternative to engage your trunk is below

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