Core Stability/Breathing/Spine Neutral? Prompts



Today there are many ways to define core stability, neutral spine etc. This video goes over some of the major points of deviation. This is one of many ways to describe what constitutes core stability, strength, coordination.  There are many schools of thought and exceptions, this is the method and description which I find most helpful as the starting point for the majority of my patients when building trunk and core stability.

Key Points

  1. Rib cage and pelvis are parallel, diaphragm and pelvic floor aligned
  2. We monitor respiration into all corners of the abdominal wall, searching for areas of decreased activity
  3. When focusing on breathing, the abdominal musculature load is only increased until respiratory pattern starts to break down, we then stop and focus on quality until overall ability improves.
  4. This can be practiced in all positions, started in laying or sitting, starting with 30s to 1min durations, or a breath count of 10-20. This can be practiced several times per hour.  Eventually this pattern will be integrated into light to moderate exertion exercises.















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