Injury Prevention Strengthening Circuit

This sequence incorporates loading of your calf into a stretch position, activation of your glute into a stretch position, and progressive trunk stability with emphasis on transitional motion. All movements should be pain free.


  1. Heel raise Plank: Begin in plank position leaning against wall/ballet bar
    1. Keep stomach engaged
    2. Keep feet straight and step feet back away with heels on ground until you feel calf stretch
    3. Raise up with pressure on big toe, lower down slowly into stretch 3-5sec on the way down and up more quickly
    4. Begin on 2 feet goal of 10-20 reps, progress to single leg 20reps, can progress to holding only one hand on bar/wall
  2. Bear/Bear Crawl
    1. Keep stomach engaged
    2. Begin with knees hovering over floor for 5 sec holds and then bringing them back to floor 10-20 reps
    3. Progress to while hovering reaching R hand forward and L leg forward alternating with opposite side with 5 sec holds
  3. Single Leg Deadlift with Trunk Rotation
    1. Head goes forward as leg goes back
    2. Reach hand of leg off ground down and across to gram door frame and raise other arm up to ceiling to rotate toward leg you are standing on then return to standing upright
    3. 10-20reps

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